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*Get Treatment for Infections, UTIs, Viral Illnesses, Refills & More.

Secure Video Appointment Online or Message with a Board Certified Medical Provider.

* Prescriptions / refills may be sent to your pharmacy if medical condition & symptoms are appropriate

client_image K.F. google 5 stars

What an incredible way to help the community by offering such a fast & trusted service. Many of us can’t get to a physician at any given moment. I’ve been sick and stuck at home with my kid or I didn’t want to mess with waiting in a urgent care lobby, etc… if you’re like me and want a fast but reliable service, look no further! This was such an easy process and the provider really makes you feel safe and heard. Great communication. Would recommend this service 10/10!! Will continue to use.

client_image T.B. google 5 stars

Called my doctor's office and needed a refill on my meds with no call back and left several messages. I used this site that same night. I got my refills sent to my pharmacy with no problem. It saved a ton of stress. Definitely recommended!

client_image D.C. google 5 star

Provider was very responsive and listened to my concerns. Very professional and accessible. Absolutely would recommend the service to everyone.

client_image S.W. google 5 star

Something like this has been needed for a long time. I got my refills for my severe seasonal allergies and I received a very affordable Rx (with coupon code) for an Epi-Pen. It saved me a lot of time and money.

client_image J.K. google 5 star

This was by far the quickest way for me to get evaluated for a new prescription for treating my psoriasis.

client_image O.L. google 5 star

I was having more swelling and weight gain from my heart failure and was treated promptly until I was able to see my heart doctor. It was a big help and it was even better that it was the same day.

No insurance? No problem.

You need affordable, expert & convenient medical care. You can receive fast treatment with an experienced Family Practitioner.

We can provide a secure online visit to evaluate for refills or new treatment if it is safe for your condition.

Save precious time and money.

Avoid preventable hospital or urgent care costs.

Do you already have insurance? If you already have Medicare / Medicaid or Private insurance, please click here to see about possible insurance coverage options.

What We Treat

Are you suffering from recent (acute) or chronic illness?

We can evaluate & treat Asthma, Coronavirus 19 Symptoms, Diabetes, Infection, and much more.

Women's Health

UTI, Contraception, STDs, Hypothyroidism, Acne, Rosacea, Eczema, Anxiety / Depression, Smoking Cessation, Hypertension & more.

Men's Health

E.D., High Cholesterol, Hair Loss, STDs, Anxiety / Depression, Smoking Cessation, Hypertension & more.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Currently, we are an online-only service. We are considering offering home or office visits at a later time. This service allows you to be evaluated through video or other telecommunications. We provide a fast and affordable solution to standard office type visits. If you or someone else is having any severe symptoms, please call 911 or visit your nearest Urgent Care or ER for evaluation.
KsHealth.Care keeps its services affordable and easy to use. If you do not already have insurance (are not currently enrolled in Medicare / Medicaid or Private insurance), individual telemedicine visits are $79 per session . If you do have insurance coverage, please contact us to see if we may be able to accept it. No extra fees or hidden costs. You will be responsible for covering any medication or testing from your pharmacy or lab.
If you have questions about treatment for any sort of medical issue, please contact us and we can let you know if we are unable to treat you. This is based on the severity of your symptoms and, if the symptoms are severe enough, we may recommend an Urgent Care or ER evaluation.
We are often able to electronically send your prescription(s) to your local pharmacy right after your visit or within a few hours. Depending on the operating hours of your pharmacy, the times they will have your medication(s) ready may vary.
We are happy to help you with our services for as long as you want. We do recommend getting yearly physicals or wellness exams in person from a primary care provider in your area. We do encourage you to carry insurance to cover any unpredictable emergencies or procedures that you or your loved ones may need in the future.
Yes, currently we are licensed in Kansas and can serve any resident in the state. We are unable to offer new prescriptions or refills or other treatment orders to anyone who does not currently live in Kansas at the time of their visit.
Currently the hours of operation may fluctuate based on population needs, but they are generally 9am to 7pm (CST) weekdays. However, simply send us a message to check availability outside of those hours.